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Possible time for 2nd Ch of Strange You Never Knew…

…may be delayed some! I have a trip this week (SAN DIEGO COMIC CON!!!!!), then dental surgery (AGAIN UGHHH) next week, so we’ll see how it goes.

Thank you for all your comments on Chapter 1! 

Love you all.

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it’s 2 in the morning i don’t even know

#I just took my jacket off, give me a sec. #gAWD 

Laughed so hard, so fricking hard.

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I’m out that H-Town

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Danny Castellano» 1.01

2nd gif., I always pretend he’s looking at his ass.

Booty, booty, booty, rockin’ everywhere…

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MMFD fiction all over. Keep it coming, boo-thangs. 

It really is phenomenal. My book club book is pouting from neglect.

I’ve only read 1 book this summer. Teen Wolf and MMFD have satisfied. I would start on a book, get to the first chapter, close it and than go online to read some more. 

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MMFD fiction all over. Keep it coming, boo-thangs. 

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Palestinian lady collects gas bombs fired by Israeli army. She grows flowers in these bombs.

I love everything about this.

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Strange You Never Knew - Chapter 1

My note: Hey guys! This is just me telling you how this story began. Jamie ( tinychemicals / girlsofargone ) allows me the gift of reading her fics before she posts. You have no idea how much this means to me, because she’s a fucking rock star, and the way she writes just…shivers. She has this way of making things seem so simple, but then she tricks you into falling for the storyline, and your emotions get in the way and then I’m texting her madness. This time, Jamie’s voice hit something in my core. Her story depicts Finn’s POV, but she was able to inspire me to write in Rae’s POV from that story. If she didn’t write the excellent “Why you wanna give me a-run-around” this would have never come to be.

You should really read her fics before mine, because there is a lot of crossover material I use. It’s perfection.

“Why you wanna give me a-run-around” by girlsofargone Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 

Another note: One of my favorite bloggers put up a post about sad songs, which included Mazzy Star - “Fade Into You” MIC DROP. RECORD SKIP. HOLY SHIT. KISMET.

Part of the lyrics hit me, so now it’s the title of this story: “Strange You Never Knew”

Last but not least, this is my first attempt at a multi-chapter fic. I would really appreciate any feedback that can help me learn. Constructive, of course! (I also suck with the British euphemisms, please forgive me.)

Chapter 1

I had begun to start clearing out the closet, the nervous energy swirling inside of me until I decided it was better to get up and do something productive. If not, I would drink oceans worth of tea.

It was a while since I looked in here, because this was mostly Eric’s favorite space. Anything that I can do to avoid that shit-storm that only I could cause, I will do so; and well, let’s say I’m just a bit sympathetic to the jerk who pushed me towards this direction. But what can I say, mistakes were made. Many. Looking down at my stomach, it’s a miracle I didn’t decide to say ‘Goodbye world!”, after the one mistake I truly wanted to have, couldn’t be.

After that dreadful thought, I focused my attention back to the closet and scrunched up my face in disgust. Seriously, these towels were made to ruin all the sanity I had left, which was not much of course. The canary or mustard or for fuck’s sake, SAFFRON-colored cloths were all there, reminding me of the hellion that my former mother-in-law was.

Not only that, it was folded in such a way – looking more like square tiles than a towel, it was all I can do to prevent this headache, trying to forget the pain I had inflicted on Eric as he tried to help with the household chores. The poor lad. I sighed heavily as I threw the offending pieces of cloth on the floor. We are friends now, but we can remove those reminders for once and for all. Also, they’re fucking yellow.


The closet was finished for a while, but my head was stuck in Rae’s Fantasy Land. I sipped on tea and listened to some of the records we listened to together, wondering what it was about us that made him move, so far away. I knew I was a broken girl, but I didn’t think he would get so sick and tired of the bullshit to never come back. Archer said he didn’t think it had to do with bad things, but you couldn’t really wash the thought out from me. Not yet.

I made sure to check on his father on more than a few occasions. The old man missed his son something raw, and if I was able to do anything to comfort him, I had to do it. But I made him promise not to ever mention it. I didn’t want the fool to believe he owed me, because that would hurt worse than all the years he wasn’t around. I am stronger and don’t care for pity.

How much did he love New York City? Was the scene much better over there than it was here? How many of our Gods did he get to see live or work for, because as much as I knew he worked in a radio station. That’s all I cared to know, really. I’m pretty sure there was an abundance of women who saw the welcome mat of his door and were privy to his bathroom, the type of toothpaste he used – I didn’t dare think of his bedroom. That would take me so far down the rabbit hole, and I think I was content in counting the blondes and bombshell brunettes who he smiled for from a distance, thank you very much.

Before I can count too high, the phone began to rang, shrilling so loud that I almost toppled my tea off the chair. What the fuc– it was 1 AM.

My first thought went to Izzy – the baby could be coming sooner than we expected, and because of my complications with my first pregnancy, and her and Chop still not fully sorted after their trail separation, I grabbed the phone so fast, shaking and screaming -

“IZZY?! Are you ok? Do you think it’s time? Should I - “

“This is a reverse charge call from New York City. If you wish to accept - “

Wide eyes bursting out of my skull, I pressed the number on the phone, not believing a single moment of this. I only let my breathe out when I heard it was Archie, sounding nasally and whiney, the fucker.

“Well Ms. Earl, I didn’t think you would accept this call so fast. You didn’t even let me say my name on the message! But owwwww, the room is spinning a bit too fast…”

“You twat! Do YOU realize you shaved a few years off my life, making me think this was Iz? You know this is going to cost me an arm and a leg. I would think you would have the nerve to place this on your hotel room bill so lover-boy could take care of this.”

Archie let out a small laugh, yet proceeded to groan. I couldn’t fight my upper lip curling in pleasure. He must have had a bit of a drinking binge and was feeling the after effects. GOOD.

“Well Rae, that’s a bit hard to do since I’m not in my hotel. Also, don’t think for a second I didn’t realize you accepted so fast was due to believing this was someone else. Apparently, our favorite broodster doesn’t believe in long-distance calling.”

“Wait, what do you mean? You found him?”

Archie snorted and I imagined him rolling his eyes. I hoped something could smack him in the face for being the little shit that he is. In fact, I hope when he has to wee, he trips over his shoe and falls and hits his head on the floor so hard, we won’t be able to cover up his black eye on his special day. I can go dark for all the right reasons, too.

“Of course I found him. We always knew his address, but we didn’t have the funds to kick his arse back to us. I always wondered why he couldn’t call. No wonder his emails were five pages too long.”

I had to bite my lower lip. While excited that Arch was truly there and had something of him, I couldn’t help but let the anxiety rise. I was wondering how to play this cool, to make it seem like I wasn’t in a rush to find out if he had truly moved on when -

“Rae, there’s no one else here. Just one toothbrush, his only, not a brush filled with hair strands that looks like a disgusting fur ball gone wrong, no fancy women products or tampons or shit, not even a selection of toys that I could have sworn would be his type. All I see is a bunch of horrid porn and plenty of lube that - “

“How in the world did you get to search his place already, only been gone a day? I am in shock, Archie! You KNOW that’s wrong!”

“Oh please, I was just checking to see if there was competition we had to get rid of for you.”

Now I pressed the bridge of my nose to relieve the tension. “For God’s sake, you know that this wasn’t necessary…”

“He still likes that same sugar crap he used to eat back home. There is no one here period.”

I had to give up pretending. “Yeah?”

“Yes, daft girl. You know this is the right time.”

I looked towards my suitcases that were packed up, ready to go. I don’t leave for Archie’s wedding until a few days from now, but I was beginning to feel the anxiety allow a bit of excitement in, dropping to my stomach. Not only was Arch going to have a spectacular wedding, but I was beginning to hope that things would change for me – for us, rather.

“Right. You know he has to be the one to fix this?”

“Just get your lovely arse to New York in one piece, with the rest of the gang. We’ll show him he made the biggest mistake and that he couldn’t run forever. Also, you need to make sure to pick the green dress…“ It was my time to groan now, “…that lifts up the ladies a bit more than you’re used to, love. If you can’t get him to listen to reason with your words, well, those tits will do all the work for you. It’s like Pavlov, really.”

This time, I laughed so hard that I had to hold my stomach in. I haven’t heard myself let go like that for so many years…


I hope you enjoyed! Tagging: girlsofargonech1darkcy / endemictoearth / slothpaws / sassy-curmudgeon / greenangelheart <— most of you guys have told me you wanted me to tag when I post this, but if you don’t want me too, just let me know!

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Anonymous asked:
As an actor have you ever felt discouraged? Have you ever had moments when you wanted to quit? What did you do if/when you felt like that?


It was the worst at school actually. I never got cast in any school production and my year 7 drama teacher told me I’d never make it as an actress. You know what I thought? - fuck them. I’m gonna do it, and I have done. So don’t listen to what anyone else says. You can do it if you want to.


This. Is. Why. You. Have. To. Follow. Your. Fucking. HEART.

If Ciara didn’t follow her dreams, we wouldn’t have had the brilliance of Izzy gracing our screens. makeshiftginge

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