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Anonymous asked:
Do you think that there is like a hierarchy in this fandom? Or like cliques and stuff? Like I see certain people posting in groups on things. Or like one person's comment is always reblogged? Do you think you are one of the main people?



Hello Anon!

Personally I do not believe there is a hierarchy? I know that certain people post together because they are closer. Some have been in the fandom from the very beginning (who knows they may have started the fandom…), some have bonded over other shows causing them to get closer, some have bonded over other forms of social media, some have the same interests, some live in the same area… So as a result of all of this some have become better friends. I feel like this fandom is constantly growing. BUT EVERYONE IS WELCOME! No one in this fandom has ever shot someone down for their comments or opinions. Everyone is always very encouraging with new contributions! I think all perspectives are welcome. :)

If a comment is good and they point out something relevant or important of course its going to be reblogged like crazy. I mean even funny comments like “dat ass” are reblogged. So no one is more important over someone else. 

Main people? Idk what that is getting at. I feel like I am really happy being part of a fandom for a show that I truly love. I reblog the things I love. I contribute to a discussion if I see its relevant and I’m not spamming people’s dash. And I’ll make funny photo-sets when I need a chuckle. The fact that I have followers that are nice and encouraging is just the cherry on top! Which I absolutely adore! So put into this fandom what you hope to get out :)

Bless Dunja! Yes some of us in the fandom have known each other longer but we have never alienated anybody. Join the conversation anon! The fandom loves are welcoming, incredibly sweet and things get weird and wonderful during the shows hiatus! Xo!

No, no hierarchy. Some of us are on Twitter and have met each other, but I promise that those who contribute will be reblogged no matter what. :D

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MMFD Music Rec

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parkerlees asked:
You can watch Jodie Comer in "Coming Up" on 4oD! It's a TV series, but each episode is its own a disconnected short film, iirc. Jodie is in episode three, its called "Big Girl."




Does anyone know what new project makeshiftginge is working on? I saw her IG post, and gosh, the scenery is beautiful.

makeshiftginge is in Harriet’s Army with Sophie Wright! It’s a three part mini drama.

From the BBC website:


AWESOME! Thank you! I will definitely check it out.

Harriet’s Army is a thrilling World War One family drama, following the adventures of a group of brave and determined children as they hold the front line at home, revealing the astonishing real roles played by children as their fathers and brothers went to fight in the trenches. A BBC Production.

It’s going to air on CBBC sometime later this year, I think. Not sure when, though :(


Her and Sophie = gold.

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