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All I want in life is to have a panel mashup between the My Mad Fat Diary, Teen Wolf, and The Mindy Project cast and writers (with special guests, Mazerunner cast) and be the fucking moderator to that craziness.


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i wonder how many people know kester is professor quirrell in harry potter. lmao.

I love that every, oh, three days or so, I see one of the following subjects in the mmfd tags:


2) OMG, Rae and Archie are soooo cute, I hope they get together

New emus are great. :D

*cackles evilly* 

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Stages of OTP intervention: 

1. Assessing the relationship…


2. Diagnosing the relational issue…


3. Advising your OTP the shortest emotional route to happiness…


4. Realizing your TV does not accept character development suggestions…


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not being at comic con like 

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My favourite doodle of My Mad Fat Diary.
It encompasses all of the insecurities felt by Rae in Series 2.

Mountain scene in the top of the picture = The jagged ups and downs of any relationship, let alone two teenagers.

The hills depicted in the middle of the picture are meant to represent boobs with nipples on the top. But Rae couldn’t take her top off, or get naked with Finn.
Am I overthinking this?

Finn planned the caravan, but it is not in the drawing.
There are only 2 tents ( too tense?) And the NO SEX in capitals. Tom Bidwell was telling us something straight away but were we so tied up with the Rinn romance that we didn’t see the signs?

Tom Bidwell built up Rae and Finn in Episode 1, up until the bra shop scene when Rae saw the Hi Boys poster and our emotions were all downhill from then on.

I have read previous posts and love to discuss my fellow Emus thoughts too.

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Please don’t be offended if I missed you out. Please don’t be offended if I tagged you in. I am on a roll tonight and want to get involved in any and all discussions about MMFD whether we get another series or not.

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Possible time for 2nd Ch of Strange You Never Knew…

…may be delayed some! I have a trip this week (SAN DIEGO COMIC CON!!!!!), then dental surgery (AGAIN UGHHH) next week, so we’ll see how it goes.

Thank you for all your comments on Chapter 1! 

Love you all.

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it’s 2 in the morning i don’t even know

#I just took my jacket off, give me a sec. #gAWD 

Laughed so hard, so fricking hard.

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I’m out that H-Town

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Danny Castellano» 1.01

2nd gif., I always pretend he’s looking at his ass.

Booty, booty, booty, rockin’ everywhere…

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